A Discussion of Chrome OS.

I'm seeing so much Chrome OS hate lately. It's mostly people saying what Chrome OS can't do, and Photo/Video editing, as well as enterprise work, are primarily the reasons cited that it's bad. People around the web seem to miss a couple of vital things though.

1. Not everyone is a Graphic Designer, or needs specific enterprise programs. The majority of people out there can easily function with web apps.

2. The user base that can utilize web apps for the things they need is only growing, not shrinking. Web apps are going to get more powerful, and become more functional.

Chrome OS is two things:

It's currently perfect for a lot of people, right now.

More importantly, it's an investment in the future. Google has been ahead of the game for a few years now, people just didn't realize it. One day programs wont only run on Windows, or OS X. They'll be universally available web apps, and that's exactly why Google made this OS. The cloud is the future, whether you like it or not. I believe Google understood it was better to be early to the game, than late.

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