HTC's Bad Update Schedule Isn't Their Fault

Most people seem to dislike HTC for their slow-to-never appearing update schedule, and I don't get that. I've see the quote a million times from HTC's CEO that it is down to "bad marketing," but I think he meant that in a different way than it was taken. I think they basically meant "we aren't paying the carriers as much money as Apple or Samsung."

If you think about it, when was the last time you went to a network provider's store and saw an HTC device front and centre? Probably never. But yet, when I walk into an O2 shop, the Samsung Galaxy S III and Galaxy Tab 2 are front and centre. And the iPhone(s) have their own stand in the shop too beside that. Then there's HTC's devices, sitting blended in with all the BlackBerry 7 devices, and low-end Samsung devices. Seriously, the One X+ is sitting beside a Galaxy Y. (This isn't even the point yet, I'm getting there.)

So how does this relate to HTC's update schedule? Well, Samsung's Galaxy line-up and iOS devices are almost always quick to be updated, right? And nobody ever really complains about Apple or Samsung's update schedule, right? But you agree that iOS and Galaxy devices are always clearly displayed and promoted in phone shops, right? So do you not see the same correlation I do, where the well promoted phones are also the quickest to receive updates from network providers, or as most people assume "the company that makes the phone?"

What I think, is that due to Apple and Samsung's fortunes, they can afford to pay network providers more money to push out fast updates and to promote their devices. Because Apple and Samsung are present in multiple markets and HTC are only present in the phone market. So HTC are left with the network providers practically being paid by big companies to say to them "Yeah we're gonna give it a couple of months before you guys get your updates cause we were paid by these people to push theirs out first."

I don't think HTC are to blame for their less-than-appropriate update schedule, the bigger companies are, for not letting anyone get ahead. And the fact is, this strategy will never tire. Because everyone wants the latest and greatest, and if network providers aren't letting HTC provide the latest when it actually still counts as the latest, what have HTC done wrong except fall under Samsung and Apple's corporate stance?