Palm Timeline

This is a post from over at webOS Nation:

Palm Timeline

Derek, their editor, created a timeline of all of Palm's twists and turns since their founding. I knew that Palm had gone through a lot, but they changed hands/brands nine times. That is absolutely insane to me and it isn't even counting large funding from Elevation Partners or software/personal splits like Handspring.

My first reaction was, "How can a company go through that much and maintain any consistency or succeed?" The answer of course was that they were consistent in their OS to a fault and eventually did not succeed.

Palm is now just some patents and software for HP and software for LG, but I think that the brand and whichever software it used/licensed has almost always been in that state of flux in one way or another.

Chris Ziegler did an excellent write up of the company starting just before the webOS era that is well worth a read, too.

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