Photo Club - March 2013 - Discussion Thread


Aaand we're off! Welcome to the first ever issue of the Verge Photo Club, inspired by the Book Club.

Allow me to explain the outline of this here merry gig: at the 1st of each month I'll post this thread, and it is here where we can submit our ideas for that month's theme/challenge, and give each other feedback on those ideas. After a week we're supposed to have settled on a theme or challenge, and then I'll post a new thread, explaining the rules of submission and from that day on submission is open! At the end of the month we vote for that months winners, and because of that a week before the end of the month submission will close. At the first of the new month, last month's top three will be announced, and the cycle repeats!

So spark off! Give us your ideas, and tell other people what you think about their ideas!

Please do read these rules each month, as they are subject to change:

- Explain your idea, advertise it, sell it. Don't be all "CATS" or "NIGHT SKIES" or "CATS FLYING THROUGH NIGHT SKIES". Be more like "You know what's really cute? Cats. You know what's really epic? Night skies. This month, we'll combine the best of those to worlds, by photographing airborne kitties supplemented by a background of stars!" (Silly example, but you get the point)

- This competition is really meant to be open and accessible. Therefore, try to limit equipment necessities as much as you can in your theme/challenge. Not everyone has a marco lens, or even a tripod.

- Just generally try to be as supportive as you can. Give other people some feedback before submitting your own ideas.

- This is the very first time we do this. if you have ANY feedback for me, anything at all, don't hesitate to tell me! That way, this whole process should become more refined as months pass.