Samsung's Annual Redesign

Every year samsung does a new design. This design is the base for every smartphone they make. I'm surprised this annual redesign isn't very talked about. Its a safe bet samsung will redesign their phones once more and yes.. it will be plastic.

Lets take a look at the teaser for a second, samsung teases their new design in the event announcements (hence the name "teaser") just like they've always done.

Looking at the flyer the 4 is obviously a big giveaway. Samsung will use aluminum on the S4. We can expect this to either be in the form of aluminum sides or accents.



Another thing to note is the background. These are hints people!!! Samsung can make an awesome flyer BUT it needs to give hints of what to expect. My guess is probably a textured back (like my trusty s2) or perhaps a pattern like the N4 (minus the disco party) Somebody mentioned that the S4 will be plastic with aliminum sides which would make alot of sense and has potential to look great. Imagine a white phone with black aluminum accents, I'd buy that in a heartbeat.

Lastly, unlike last years flyer, this looks profesional. The "episode 1" also suggests that episode 2 will be for the Note 3 and possible mini variant along with maybe a smart watch like previously rumored? I love speculating