iPhone + or iPhone - ...or iPhone+-?

All around Apple-sphere, two rumors about the iPhone have been persistent for quite some time now. Everyone from Rene Ritchie (who seems to be becoming an avid advocate of the subject) to MG Siegler to Jim Dalrymple seem to be getting involved in the possibilities of such events happening.

One speaks of a larger iPhone (being larger, and keeping with the rumors, I'm gonna call it the "iPhone + " hereafter) to compete with Android handsets' rising screen sizes, while another does of a cheaper iPhone (supposedly being smaller and definitely made up of comparatively inferior materials, this one will be called the "iPhone -" for all intents and purposes of this article) made up of (again, comparatively) inferior materials to compete with cheaper Android handsets in markets not big on contracts.

It's obvious that these two markets (one needing cheap phones and one needing large phones) exist and are ones which cannot be satisfied without catering to their specific needs by making phones large enough or cheap enough for them.

People who don't have enough cash simply cannot go out of the way to get an iPhone despite it being their phone of choice. The same goes for people who have bad vision, particularly elder people who might especially benefit from the simpleness and ease of use of iOS.

But the question remains, which market is larger? Or rather, which market might Apple have more of an impact in?

And then it struck me.


via assets.diylol.com

Seriously, why not both?

is it maybe possible for Apple to cater to BOTH market simultaneously by making a larger yet cheaper iPhone, thereby merging the iPhone+ and iPhone - (Hence the stupid name in the title; any and all alternatives are welcome!)? We all know what the BOM most likely is for the iPhone 5 (about $200, give or take a few). Miniaturization and the engineering and almost absurd attention to the minutest of details are what likely drives the prices up. A larger phone with slightly inferior components might just be the answer to both of Apple's problems in international sales in certain countries.

What does the Core think of these three rumors and their possibilities?