Feedback on iOS 7 Lockscreen Concept

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I would recommend viewing full-screen, this doesn't show the detail that I spent most of my time on.




Seems this new concept design is very equivocal, so I shall explain. The "slide to unlock" bar wasn't made just for a different look, the idea behind it was to give more room for the tiles and flows better with other parts of the OS that I made. Getting to the camera is just the same, slide up and the camera is revealed. Hold the camera icon and a pop up of most used applications will show. When they are up, you can drag the app you want to where the camera icon is to replace it with your preferred one.

The time is set there and does not move like tiles do. Tiles have boarders and essentials like time and unlock do not have boarders. Any tile can be easily removed by dragging it horizontally off the screen. Drag down on any tile for more options. For the music tile after dragging down will display your tracks that you can switch to. I was thinking about when you drag down on the tile it would create a flipping animation.

That should pretty much cover it and thanks again!

-Ryan R

Interaction Design