Why did Apple make space in the spring?

While I would say that the ipad always drops in march, the ipad 4 screwed that all up. I guess apple wanted to move it to a fall release. The real question is why? Its always been:
Ipad in spring
Mac in summer
Iphone/ipod in fall/winter
with some smaller, sporadic new stuff sprinkled around.

So now that ipad joins iphone in the general fallish time line, what fills spring?

I dont like to start wild rumors, and I hate baseless apple speculation. But If I had to guess, i’d say that there could be something new. Maybe their TV plans, maybe a small iphone, maybe a helicopter, I just dont know. But whatever it is, they gave it the spring line up, and they like it enough to kick the ipad out of spring..

But there is some further data to add. Im sure youve seen the ps event for Feb 20. This could be the prime time for Apple to do their TV thing. If Sony announces in feb it wont launch until Nov or so. Xbox wouldnt announce at E3 because microsoft hates trade shows, so that would get announced either shortly before or after E3 to caplitalize on hype but still be out by Xmas. But apple would announce in march, and launch in the next few weeks, well before any of that. This could be them looking forward to see the opertune time to drop a living room media product. And moving the ipad to capitalize on their time frame advantage.

Who knows?