Touch Cover or Type Cover for Surface/general musings about the Pro

So I'm pretty much set on getting a 128 GB Surface Pro next week but I cant decide if I want the touch cover, type cover or maybe even just buy something like the wedge keyboard/mouse.

I've tried both covers in person but only for about 10-20 minutes at a time. I code a lot so the keyboard is quite important. I've noticed that the type cover's keys wiggle a lot (like on very old cheap acer or hp laptops 3-5 years ago) and have a pretty significant amount of flex. The touch cover just felt a little awkward to use but I've heard it gets better.

Could anybody who has had either keyboard for a few months comment on how their typing is going and how it compares to other notebooks. I think I might be a little bit spoiled coming from a ThinkPad; Using keyboards without a TrackPoints still confuses me every once in a while when I forget and try to use it anyways.

Also, I really wish they made the screen 1900 by 1200 at 11 inches instead of 1900 by 1080 at 10.6 so we'd have a slightly larger trackpad on the cover and way less awkward aspect ratio in portrait mode. 256 GB SSD option wouldn't have hurt either.