God is in the details - Nitpicking Apple's UI [Part 1]

So I thought I'd start a little series called "God is in the details" where I crush the belief that Apple is all about the details. It's true they care more than any other company, but they have a HUGE amount of cock-ups that never get addressed - things they might not even be aware of.

With this I'm aiming to bring all these lazy misses and bad design choices to light. I wan't people to demand the absolute highest quality in software. I know many people will respond with"omggg lulu who cares bout dat, dat iz so small, noone gon notice dat!!!", but Steve Jobs built in imperium thanks to attention to detail.

Now let's find out where that imperium has let the quality level slip as of late.

P.S: This should be a community thing, if you find or know of any UI quirks in Apple products - bad animations, half pixels, bugs or whatever, email it to me at: leakimlamar@gmail.com

Reminders blurry pixelline


Take a look at that Reminders windows, see how blurry the edge looks? This is because the windows uses the standard OS X black/grey transparent outline on a non-standard dark window.

The outline always needs to be darker than the window content, or else you end up with this blurry look. Dark backgrounds will be forgiving, but any light background will expose the problem. Also, am I the only one who thinks that the highlight on the lower left button is a bit harsh? They should either lower the opacity or blur it by one point.


Apple could fix this be removing the line altogether, or making it darker than the window, maybe completely opaque and black even.

Tab View Trouble

Entering the tab view in Safari produces an unwanted 1px line at the bottom of the window. It goes away if you resize the window, but that's obviously not ideal.


What's that in your notes?


As you can see this little square shaped scrap appears on side of the notepad (right side to). It's removed by adjusting the notepad size. How does Apple not notice these kind of things, I mean it's right there!

I have A LOT more, but I'll leave that for the second part, if there's interest for one. Drop a comment to say if you'd like more of this. Also, comment or email if you want to make sure something makes it into the next part!