New monitor and tripod required...Any suggestions?

So I am getting to the stage where I am starting to take post editing a bit more seriously and my low resolution MBP screen just isn't cutting it, so ill looking to get a nice little set up to take care of this and the centre piece will be a nice new monitor. I wish i could afford the top of the range Thunderbolt style displays with the 2560x1440 resolutions but my budget wont push that far, and im thinking that a nice 1920x1200 display would be fine for the standard im currently at. My budget is roughly £250 ($400 roughly).

My MBP will be docked in one of these BookArc and i will be linking up an external display to it. I have been considering the Dell U2412M so if anyone is using this let me know how it is, or if you have an equivalent im all ears. I will also be buying the Spyder4Express for calibration.

I am also in need of a new Tripod, i somehow managed to destroy a few of the locking mechanisms on my last one, but honestly i think being strapped to my rucksack and chucked around Europe probably didn't help. Landscape/Macro/Still Life photography will be the main focuses, any ideas? And for my own knowledge what kinda of tripod heads are the best? My budget for this is roughly £120 ($190)