From Cool Kid on the Block to ‘The Man’: What’s Next?

Looking at blogs these days, it feels almost surreal to think that there was a time when Apple was considered the underdog of the tech world.

Today it seems that Apple has become a victim of its own success. Record profits are shunned for not being outstanding enough, expectations are at stratospheric proportions and the hatred from other camps have become near the levels of religious zealots.

Apple has been put in an interesting position. It no longer can boast it success because that’s not enough. The company in growing old in the eyes of both tech enthusiasts and investors alike. Competition such as Samsung has dealt blows the once intangible image of the company. Technology is growing at astronomical speeds and the question most have about Apple is “What’s next?”

The funny thing about expectations is that is a double edge sword that can either ensure victory in battles or turn its wielder into the victim. Get two comfortable, and you’ll be replaced by a younger competitor who is willing to take the risks and dive into areas out of the comfort zone.

The reason Apple has always been seen as such a great tech company is its ability to reinvent itself through its various product launches. From a small company started by two guys with a love for technology and a dream to make computers more personal to then becoming the market leader in mp3 players and online music distribution and later creating one of the largest buzzes in tech history by releasing one of the most innovative handhelds that propelled the company into becoming one of the most successful makers of mobile hardware.

We want something New

It is an understatement to say that human beings are fickle creatures. We are always yearning for more and that makes us change our perspectives on a lot of things. Once we get comfortable enough with something we will want something else, something different, something that makes us feel excited again. It’s that unquenchable satisfaction that leads us to lose all loyalty. Simply put, the grass always seems greener on the other side, no matter how green the grass we are surrounded by is. But this is by no means a fault. If our brains weren’t circuited in such a way then there would be no innovation, we’d conform to what we’d see as perfectly good and never search for what could be better.

But the Question Most Ask, “Is Different Really Better?”

Drastic Change is always accompanied with a certain criticism and rightfully so. Sometimes change break things that already work or make things that are simple into convoluted mess. These are the criticisms that often ring through the ears of Apple cynics whenever they bring up the topic of the lack of change to Apple’s two operating systems. But the problem that many Apple enthusiasts seem to be blind to is that there are already broken bits. iOS is a great mobil operating system but it has many flaws. It lacks proper integration with third party apps, the inbuilt apps lack proper functionality, the settings app was a disastrous idea that should have been scrapped and replaced with inbuilt settings for each app. There have been iterative changes here and there a lot of work still has to be done. On the UI front, it is time for modernization.

Apple Needs to Stop insulting it Professional Users

Apple can indeed change the UI without sacrificing its ability to be idiot proof. iOS doesn’t need to become an Android clone, it just needs to become a more functional little brother to Mac OS X and Mac OS X should not try to be a desktop version of iOS. Apple simple needs to learn that professionals use their products and expect certain functionalities. There is enough talent at Apple to make products that can be used by everyone without gimping functionality in the process.

Apple Still Has the Upper Hand

Despite what many may believe, the company still has the upper hand. The talent is still there, the company is still revered despite the criticisms and there still is time for Apple to set itself on the right track. People are simply waiting to embrace its new endeavors but it seems that Apple doesn’t realize that and has gotten comfortable and arrogant with it current position. Apple needs to take more risks and stop worrying about plummeting stock figures. Wall Street will follow suit as soon as they start seeing more innovations. The company needs to break away from its fear of failure and has to act with confidence by exploring new areas with the training wheels off. Like it or not Apple needs to learn a thing or two from its competitors and stop playing everything so safe. Many laughed and scorned when the iPhone was released yet it turned out to be one of the most successful product in tech, same with the iPad. Apple needs other products like those, products greeted with scrutiny, excitement and unsurety. Products that make being a tech enthusiast worthwhile.