Love my Asus Vivotab Smart! Quick impressions

Let's get the cons out of the way. The software out of the factory is horrible. I couldn't even install store apps without troubleshooting the system and doing over an hour's worth of updates. Asus's own driver update never actually installs and their Bios date at first looks like it kills WiFi but it magically comes back after a few reboots.

Also vendors really have to start being clear about actual available space because of how big Windows is. Asus has a sticker saying the exact amount (33 gb) but I gotta imagine your typical consumer may not realize it at all.

Once you're past all that though, I'm in love with this thing! The complaints over Atom have turned out to be overblown at least for what I need. I had to get a full Win 8 tablet since my work has some custom remote access software and all that works perfectly. I'm a happy camper since my iPad will never run it.

The screen size and resolution are good enough. By that I mean the 10.1" is much smaller than the seemingly standard 11.6" so pixel density is ever so slightly better on the vivo smart. Yet it's not so super high as on the surface pro so using desktop apps is still very good. (I do hate 16:9 aspect ratio though.)

I'm also glad I didn't get the Surface Pro since I feel the all day battery life has been a game changer in how I use these devices. Also I was hoping the micro usb charging would mean I don't have to bring a charger but it looks like it only likes the one that came with it.

I don't see much of a reason to keep an iPad around anymore. App-wise Microsoft does have some work to do but a big reason the iPad needs apps is because of how limited its browser is. That's simply not the case even in Metro IE so some apps become irrelevant.

Overall, I feel like I've got a device with the super portability and all day battery life of a pure tablet while not having any of the artificial limitations imposed on us from the Apple era of tablets. All for $500. Thanks Microsoft!