I will be getting my first smart phone

Hi all!

So, I will be getting my first smart phone but I'm not yet 100% sure which one to get. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Lumia 920, but I'm also considering the 820 and the Galaxy S3. Note is just too big and the iPhone isn't an option. All of these phones I mentioned are inside my price range and the price doesn't really matter.


I really like the tiles and the overall visual appearance of WP. Also I love the smoothness of the OS. I'm just a bit worried that I might give up too much in freedom (customizations, flashing roms etc.) and app selection if I choose WP over Android (although the latter probably isn't too big of a deal for me).

I'm also an amateur programmer and I will probably be developing apps for the phone for fun. I have some experience in Java but I don't really like it. C and C++ are really the languages that I prefer but I would actually rather learn C# than code in Java. So in this regard I think WP would be a better choice than Android, or am I missing something?


Hardware-wise I like the Lumia 920 a bit better than the 820, but I'm a bit worried that it might feel uncomfortable in my pocket because of the size. Also the removable battery and the SD-card slot that the 820 has would be nice. Both Lumias have HAAC which is a plus.

Galaxy S3 on the other hand does have a removable battery and a SD-card slot but it doesn't have LTE here. Camera isn't that important for me so I think all of these phones are good enough in that regard. I still need to compare S3's screen to 920's screen but I'm pretty sure they're both good enough, even the 820 has a decent screen although it could use a bit better resolution.

How I will (probably) be using it

Reading news and articles, getting directions, using Facebook and using it as an actual phone. I study in a University so I will also be using it to read pdfs etc. from time to time. I probably won't be playing games that much.

So, do you think the Lumia 920 would be the best pick for my use case? Is it comfortable to carry around in pocket? Is there still something else I should consider?