Stylus doubling as bluetooth cell phone

I thought it would be an awesome feature for these ever bigger phablets like the note II to have their stylus possess a bluetooth phone function. They've really grown on me, but sometimes they do look a bit silly holding them up to your ear. With a quick search I also found that they offer this exact thing for the note 10.1

Note 10.1 Stylus Doubles as Cell Phone

I would even go so far as to have one side of the stylus have that new flexible display with a crawler for caller id or even text message displays. You get a call or message, reach in to your pocket but slide the stylus up and out instead of having got take the whole phone out. To get my hopes up any higher to return text messages just write it out on any surface and the stylus will understand what you're writing and send. That's probably a lot of tech for a stylus small enough to fit inside a phablet, but I can dream.