Remembering the week in tech: February 4th - February 10th


Remembering the week in tech, is a recurring series where we remind ourselves of the most important events in technology history every week. Each part of the series will highlight five events and their effect in our everyday lives. This week we remember the events that took place between February 4th and February 10th.


On February 4th 2004 Mark Zuckerberg and friends launched a brand new service called The Facebook. The service would originally be intended for Harvard students to connect and share things. A few years later facebook would conquer the world of social media.

integratedcircuit On February 6th 1959 The first patent for a "Miniaturized Electronic Circuit" was filed by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments. These circuits are what we know today as integrated circuits. ICs are used in almost every electronic device currently on the market today.

marconi On February 7th 1915 The first successful tests of a wireless telephone from a moving train were conducted on the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western railroad. The transmission was clearly observed 26 miles from Lounsberry to Binghampton, NY. AT&T dismissed the idea of actually developing it, due to fear it would undermine their wired monopoly.


On February 8th 1971 The first electronic stock market started trading, known as the National Association of Securities and Dealers Automated Quotations. The NASDAQ index would grow to be the second largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization.


On February 9th 1969 The Boeing 747 completed its inaugural flight. It was the first wide-body commercial airliner. There are over 1,400 747’s currently in service today in passenger, freighter, and other versions.