Expectations: Nokia @ MWC


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So Mobile World Congress is nearly upon us, this is my take on what Nokia will bring to the show.

Nokia has a lot to prove and it has undergone massive cuts and put all its bets on WP. This has made them into a much smaller company and hopefully more agile and responsive as a result.

Nokia will be holding their own press release at the show that implies they will be announcing or releasing a new product in the near future. So what can this be? Here is my prediction:

1) Windows Pureview EOS Camera

As a lot of other sites are already reporting (Click here & here) reckon we will see a new 41MP Pureview Windows Phone.

Some people think this will be part of the Lumia range...I think different.

I think Nokia will be launching a totally new "EOS" line. Possibly a 21MP version and perhaps a top of the range 41MP with optical image stabilisation and low light ability as the current Lumia 920. These phones will not share the same design language as the existing Lumia range but most likely still be made of plastic. These will be available on sale in June time probably. I imagine Windows Phone 8 will need some additional under the bonnet tweaks to hook into the Nokia's Pureview output and additional lenses to handle and edit the photos.

Catwalk which is the successor to the 920 wont be announced until much later on in the year and Verge already reported it will be a slimmer metal case version. I think it will be a refined version with tweaked processor, camera (12MP) but other than that pretty much the same and sporting WP8.5 / 9 whatever MS chooses.

2) Official launch of Nokia Music+

As already reported Nokia will be gunning its new Music+ service which it will also demo and publicise, with its multi device support.

3) Nokia Maps and Drive

Nokia will be showcasing its next version of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive will finally drop out of beta. These apps will be shown as working on other platforms like Android and Apple.

I don't think Nokia will release a tablet as it would be quite a leap and wont have the manufacturing supply chain to make enough. Thats not to say they aren't developing one or have prototypes in thier lab right now. I reckon a Nokia WinRT tablet is likely to sport 4G connectivity and feature Qualcomm new 800 series processor.

I truly believe Nokia will steal the show with the new EOS range like they originally did with the 808 last year. Nokia for me are true innovators who have a very clear strategy and cant afford any one of thier products to fail unlike Samsung who have so much cash they can produce an array of models and simply ditch the ones which don't sell.

Nokia also know the only way they can capture the hearts and minds of people is to keep innovating and know the window to make a splash is now since Apple is currently playing it safe until iphone6 and iOS7.

I raise a glass to Nokia and wish them success. I just wish MS would release more updates to WP8 quicker and sooner no idea what and when this will happen and eagerly awaiting what they will bring.

What are your predictions?