Nexus 7 short review

So I just bought a Nexus 7. For the past two months I have been using an ipad2.


- build quality could be better. There are some small squeaks and creaks. The tablet does not bend, but I don't really have the same sense of security the ipad gives.

- I can not get USB OTG to work. For the love of god, why they disabled that? I tested it on a dirt cheap alcatel 7" tablet, and it works without root. On a Nexus, it should be a given. But it's not. Insted, it's PITA.

UPDATE: managed to get USB OTG to work.

- it certainly gets slow sometimes. I'm running 4.2.1 stock, and have google currents sync disabled. Someone suggested this is the cause for occasional slowdowns, but that's not the case here. I'd say it's on par with ipad2 in this regard. Mostly smooth, but not quite there yet.

- battery gets drained in standby fast. ipad only uses like 1% over the night. On the nexus, it's something like 10-15%. I guess I'll be shutting it down over night.

- widget screen selection is a mess. They should not be in the app drawer. An utter mess. And frankly so are most of the widgets themselves. It's like a mishmash of competing UI styles, most of which are appalling. I did manage to find some nice useful widgets, but I had to go through 10x more of the ugly awful ones.


- screen is pretty good. I have not had much hands on time with "retina" devices, and have only briefly seen ipad mini, but the screen on the nexus is as good as anyone could want, IMHO.

- app selection is decent. I am yet to find a file manager that is not ugly, a simple nice note app and facebook is stuttery, but besides those examples, everything is great.

- battery life in general is great. I've installed dozens of apps, played 3 hours of games, browsed and whatnot, and it managed to last the whole day and than some. I'd say there was at least a 6h screen on time.

- from factor is great for casual use, which is what I bought it for.

- rooting is very, very easy. And there is a huge development community on XDA. I don't think I will be needing it much, but it's there if I ever do.

All things considered, I'm glad i took the plunge. ipad was the most boring device I have ever used, and nexus 7 with stock JB android is a breath of fresh air. If it did not still suffer from being choppy, it would have been even better.

In the interest of full disclosure, I bought this as a cheap stopgap before OEM's get their shit together and start making decent W8 tablets with next gen x86 silicon (I can't wait to see what AMD temash has to offer). But now I think I'll just keep the nexus as well, because it's obviously for different use cases (reading, some casual games and such).

The price alone makes this an easy recommendation over the ipad mini if you ask me.

UPDATE 02.04.2013.

After finally finding time to do a hard reset, I am now much happier. I did reset, rooted and installed ~90 apps/games right away.

My Nexus 7 is now like a different device. It does not really fly, but it is much faster. Screen rotation takes a second, instead of 5, panning on homescreens is also lag free, even chrome has been upgraded from unbearably pathetic to just pathetic.

There's also much less lag in all the apps. So much less that in fact I do not feel if in normal use.

All in all, I recommend to every Nexus 7 owner with 4.2.2 and issues to do it, it's really worth it.