Who Loves Their iPhone 5?

I may really sound like a fanboy but I decided not to care:) Actually there is nothing wrong with being a Apple fanboy like being a fan of SNSD...haha

Since I haven't really owned other smartphones, I have no idea if iPhone 5 is the best on the market or better than its competitors. But I can confidently say it's one TERRIFIC product: incredibly sharp and (accurately) vibrant display with superb outdoor visibility, blazing fast system performance and LTE, great cameras, amazing ecosystem with great content and piles of high-quality and exactingly optimized apps, easy to use and trouble-free OS, seamless integration with other Apple products, super sexy, slim and light (quite durable also) design and a surprisingly good battery life... Seriously, I don't know what else to ask for. Innovative or not, revolutionary or not, iPhone 5 is really everything Apple could have done and some more. It is without any doubt an insanely great product that I am sure Steve Jobs would have been extremely pleased with. I don't know what the hell is wrong with the critics. Maybe my standards are low and maybe it's because I haven't really owned any other smartphone. But I just can't be more satisfied. I just, absolutely, love it.

So, my fellow iPhone 5 comrades, do you love your iPhone 5? If you don't, why? (excluding childish complaints about its lack of innovation or "revolutionariness")