Letterboxd: A Social Network for Film Buffs - Who wants an invite?

Letterboxd is a social network dedicated to sharing, discussing, reviewing, and catalogging your favorite films.

You can maintain a profile, write reviews, create lists (ex. My DVD collection, Horror Movies I Want to See), keep a diary of films you've seen, follow friends... It's just full of stuff for fans of movies who are looking for a beautiful Web 2.0 way of absorbing cinema. You can even link it up to your Netflix to add movies directly to your queue.

I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen anything written about it here on The Verge yet. Regardless, here are some write ups about it.



It's getting bigger and bigger all the time and I'm looking to expand the pool. They were kind enough to give me 15 extra invites (I believe you get 3 when you sign up to get your friends on board) when I asked them politely, so... who wants an invite?