WTF Google? - Android speech recognition, Now and Instant Preview in German

I recently got a Nexus 4 and started to used my smartphone to actually surf and search again, after I abandoned Android for a few months. I used an iPad for most browsing. But now, I have another job and am more mobile again.

But there are 3 things that I noticed to coming back to Android:

(Note that I live in Germany)

  1. Google Instant preview: What happened? Why did Google remove it form their mobile site? On iOS, you can at least access it via the Google search app. On Android, the feature isn't enabled for any browser. And when you use Google Now, it's missing, too. Did I miss something?
  2. Speech recognition in German: For some crazy reason voice dictation in German (and apparently similar problems also in Italian, Swedish and French) doesn't return nouns in upper case and punctuation commands are written as the whole word. For example: "heute ist ein schöner tag punkt". Correct would be: "Heute ist ein schöner Tag." I tried it on multiple devices, on stock, CM9 and Sense. Always the same. Several years after voice became available in this language, it's 100% useless. It would take more time to correct it, than to type it out. There are several issues reported in the Android dev page, but there is no statement from Google.
  3. Google Now: Ok. Google Now is Google's answer to Siri, and I can understand that localization needs time. But the Nexus 4 is advertised with all these great features of Google Now here, too. Problem is, that not a single question is answered. The only thing you can do is to use the few strict voice commands from the 2.3 time. That's it. No natural language interpretation, no spoken feedback, no knowledge graph results. Just a lot of false advertisement.

Google really needs to get better at localization of it's services, or at least wait to advertise them until they are actually available in certain country.

Did you made similar experiences? Or do you have an answer to these problems?