Great Customer Service from MS Store

So I never really share my positive shopping experiences but I must admit that I have been very happy with the customer service I have received from the MS store.

So my Surface that I originally bought had the back logo coming off. I told myself it didn't bother me but eventually after about 3 months I decided I wanted it fixed. I go to the MS store and instead of giving me a refurbished Surface they give me a brand new one! They even let me switch out my touch cover for a blue one. Needless to say I was pretty happy that day with how they handled the situation.

Well this past week I decided to sell my Acer W510 I bought in November to my buddy for $350 in anticipation of the Surface Pro. I try to restore the device and get it ready for sale but stupid Acer requires a backup cd (wish they would have pulled a MS and put the restore files on the device) well long story short the CD doesn't restore properly. People online are having to go into the bios, hook up USB keyboards, boot from CD, disable a bunch of stuff. I said screw that and decided to take it to the MS store. They were not very knowledgeable regarding fixing the problem but they said hey since you are just trying to wipe it why don't we replace the Acer with a brand new model. I agree. Then at the last second I suggest "I know it's a long shot but would you guys consider just giving me a gift card instead?" Of course!

So the store then proceeds to get me a GC for $540.00!

Well just thought I'd share. I was really impressed how willing the store was to help. Thanks Austin MS Store!