help! budget android phone with great comunity support.

hi, im helping a friend get his first smartphone, he tells me he actualy doesn´t need one, but would like to try one with android, so he tells me more or less what he is planning to do with it and i find he should at least buy a 4" phone, with no les than 480*800 display, better if it´s a qhd display, and a tegra2 cpu, he lives in germany, the phone needs to be free of any contract, and he doesn´t want to spend more than 150 euros on the hardware, he would buy a used device if he finds something good at that price, but no more than 150 euros, it would be good if the device had some comunity support, maybe an official port of cm10 or at least some good unofficial port, i was thinking something lg might fit his needs, i thing the lg speed coud be something good, or the panasonic beluga that is selling for about 180 euros new.

can anybody here point to a decent device for that type of money, with a good dev comunity?

any help will be much apreciated