Stop carrier branding! Do something about it.

I am currently in talks with one of the higher ups at Verizon corporate. You want carrier branding to go away? Speak your mind, and speak it loud and clear. Especially in the case of the Galaxy Note II. The home button branding is the worst thing i've ever seen. The 4GLTE branding is like a laughable joke. As if anyone wants or cares. The worst thing about it is they don't even realize how silly this looks. They have no clue just how bad in taste this is. Also, the Verizon logo it's self is actually one of the worlds worst designed logos. It's shown at design conferences as what not to do in logo design. With that being said they are going to look at all of your comments here as they are expecting a link. I'm going to link them to this thread. There's only one way to make a change. It's to do something about it. If you care about Android lets really do something about it. Lets take a stand. What better place to do this than here? Make it happen. Comment here and let Verizon know that we don't want their branding on great devices. Let them know that it actually devalues the device and causes others to not even bother with them even if they have the best network in the world. I'd rather use a slower network than have carrier branding on my phone.