Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter (very short kinda-review)

Shapes & Sound: The Shape Shooter

You know how most games worth our time get released on iOS first and then if we are lucky we get in on Android six months later? Well, at last here is a game that was released for Android first and is *absolutely fantastic* (and I don't use that term lightly).

What's so great about it then? Well, for one, the graphics are gorgeous. Minimalistic but unbelievably eye-pleasing and super-smooth (I'm using a Nexus 7). The music is just so good - it's probably by favorite game music ever (World of Goo used to hold that distinction but not anymore). And the gameplay is genius. It reminds me of Ikaruga a bit, but instead of color-based it is shape-based. The controls couldn't be simpler - they are totally gesture-based so you have no virtual joysticks and buttons to mess with.

I am seriously excited for this game. I am not affiliated with the devs or anything, I just saw it mentioned by the author on another thread and I had to write about it. Check it out, it's only 99 cents.