Bitcasa: Are you ready to replace your all your Drives with Infinite Storage for 10$ a month?

Bitcasa is your external hard drive in the cloud that never runs out of space.

The big green line flashes across the Bitcasa's features page. "So what Bitcasa is - that we actually integrate across all your devices that we provide you with this fabric that gives you the ability to store as much as data as you want" elaborates CEO and Co-founder Tony Gauda in an interview with The Next Web and highlights that "there are no file size limits and not even device limitations".


He actually wants us to believe that for 10 bucks a month, we can store as much as we want, from wherever we want? Sounded like another start-up that was going to drop down dead after a few months; I didn't want to go through the painful process of uploading all my files and losing them all in a poof after the provider vanished into thin air.

The launch of Bitcasa commercially has proven otherwise. After storing over 16 Petabytes of data in its 16 month Beta period, Bitcasa is set to move out of Beta and launch commercially.

Though unconvincing, the proposition set by Bitcasa is simple - You pay 10$ a month and you get infinite storage through the Desktop Apps of Windows and Mac (Linux in Alpha and will be launched later), Mobile Apps of Android and iOS, Web Portal accessible through any modern browser or even a chrome extension! (?) The Desktop applications feature an external drive like ability - Bitcasa sits on the computer as an external drive and you can push whatever files you want by copying it onto the Infinite Drive. Rivaling the likes of Backup products like CrashPlan, Mozy, Carbonite and Mozy, Bitcasa also has a mirroring option which backups up your files "mirroring" it to a special location on the Bitcasa drive.

Then the inevitable question pops up - How can Bitcasa really offer Infinite Storage? Of course, Unlimited Storage, mentioned on loads of services (Web Hosting, Online Backup or for that matter Boxee), always means that the storage available on the servers of the product isn't limited; probably the company will stack up more hard drives as soon as the storage used reaches the total storage available. But for 10$ a month? Bitcasa boasts about its massive deduplication in place. Now, now, I know what many of you are thinking - If files are deduplicated on the server, it probably means that the files are not truly secured even if they're encrypted. Bitcasa uses convergent encryption which encrypts the files , with keys from the file itself, and then uploads them to the cloud where they're deduplicated with the other identical yet safely encrypted files.

On Windows and Mac, Bitcasa rests as an external drive ready to be fed with data. Context menus in the file explorer allow users to either directly copy folders and files to Bitcasa or "mirror" them. Mirroring is basically backing up of the files by continuously monitoring them on the computer.


Any cloud storage service is useless without mobile apps. Bitcasa not only comes with the mobile apps but brings along the ability to extend the storage of your mobile phone by infinity!

With security, reliability and infinity, Bitcasa is ready to take on the world with its Infinite storage!