Virus on Android Phone?

Hello I downloaded a Wifi Hacker app to get a Password from my School, now.. It downloaded the Application, but the ratings were good. So I decided to download it, but I didn't read the reviews. And when I did, they didn't mention that the Application had this issue, but. Reviewers said that it didn't work and gave it a 1 out of 5 star rating.

The Application downloaded a shortcut called "Search"

and when I would click on it, it would go to from what I recall is the URL, I factory reset my Phone and installed AntiVirus Software such as AVG, and lookout.

When I factory reset my Phone, will it remove all the data? Because my Phone after being reset automatically connected to the Wifi. So I'm worried that the Phone may still have the Virus and or Spyware.

My Phone is a LG Spectrum 2.