The apps Windows' desktop (mainly) is missing

First up, let me make one thing clear: This is NOT a hate thread about Windows RT/ 8 having inadequate numbers of apps. This doesn't even concern Metro, as the title says. This is ONLY and ONLY about apps/ programs I want/ want updated on the good ole desktop Windows, or basically Windows 7 (with the exception of Xbox Music).

Since my iPod touch has gone for repair, and I have no other smart device, for the past month or so and for about another couple months (my iPod always gets locked up for the exams), Windows 8 will be my only OS.

In my month so far with Windows 8, I've found that the app situation isn't bad, but the fact that I'm using a traditional non-touch laptop with a REALLY crappy and tiny trackpad (it's a Dell XPS M1330, if that helps you understand my problem) may have something to do with the kind of apps I'm looking for.

So I started looking for desktop apps too in order to improve my experience.

Strangely, because I didn't spend much time on my laptop before, the programs I had were limited in number and barely sufficient in function against my iPod.

These are the programs that I was missing and would really love to se come to Windows ASAP.

Pocket - I know that a web app exists, but for me, the whole point of Pocket for me was that I could get stuff while offline. What's the difference between Pocket and bookmarking otherwise. Even Readability and Instapaper have no Windows apps. I know that 3rd-party apps exist, but those that I've tried are bested by miles by Pocket's web app, let alone the iOS app.

Evernote 5 - From their own videos and photos, the Mac version looks like it's a billion times better that the lousy old version 4 we are all using. Plus, even with only six damn notes, it lags on my computer (which is more than powerful enough to run a notes app, I'm sure. Hell, it can even run FIFA 12 well at moderate settings) a bit.

Flipboard/ Feedly - Sure, RSS exists, but I find Flipboard to be a better news solution. And the great UI and (thank God for this!) Pocket integration don't hurt. I used feedly for literally one day (the one before I sent the iPod for repairs) and didn't get much time on it then too, but from what I experienced, its not too bad too.

WhatsApp - I had expected one of the biggest influences of Windows RT being "related" to 8 more than to Phone to be the influx of such mobile apps to tablets and eventually full-blown computers. This is the IM service all my friends use because of its versatility and since its free on BlackBerry, which most of them use, so using an alternative service is pointless. I know that WhatsApp uses your phone number and contacts to keep the harassment of logging in and out with emails and forgetting passwords away, but surely a workaround where you use your phone and a passcode they send to log in from your PC (kinda like how it used to work on the iPod touch earlier) can easily be achieved.

Cobook - Best contacts app I've used. Merges all the data for your contacts from different networks into one profile. I'm really happy that a Windows app is in the works for this one.

Xbox Music, for non-US countries - Spotify, Pandora, Songza, you name it, they all don't work in India. I was really excited to see Xbox Music there on the screen when I first opened the Music metro app, but I was asked to update the app in order for it work. Why an app native to an OS needed updating in order to work was beyond me, but since it just refused to work otherwise, I updated the app. And BAM! Xbox music was gone and I was left with an app worse than the one I had in the Release Preview (no album art wall!) with no way to add music from folders other than the iTunes one (whose 10-odd songs were pre-loaded) to the app without going to the desktop. Not the way I remember it working in RP. Also, even then, I had no idea how to add music until I Googled it and checked out PCWorld's how-to. That (not knowing how to add your music to the music app) is just the sort of things that would make people start to hate Metro. It unnecessarily makes one think that Metro has a very high learning curve.

Share feature on Charms bar doesn't work on desktop - Self-explanatory, really.

A desktop based Notification Center - Something NATIVE that works like the one in OS X, and EVEN CHROME OS (!!!) SOON will be great. If they're not using the share feature on desktop, they might as well replace it with a button to launch a Notification Center.

Is there any of these that the Tribe members also miss? Or something else that they want? Lay it down in the comments.


What apps/ features do you miss/ want in Windows' desktop?