Anyone really disappointed in the performance of their jailbreak tweaks?

Not one of the tweaks I've installed has fully worked (except maybe f.lux but I haven't had it in the evening yet).

I'm really disappointed.

Here's what I've tried.

Auxo - It never shows the screenshots for me. I get tiny icons then black screens for any app that hasn't been opened in the last ~5min (I payed for this app so it's exceptionally disappointing).

Activator- I am hesitant to pay the $5 for Zephyr but wanted to try the swipe up from bottom gesture to reach multitasking so I installed this, but it only works maybe half the time, and it's not a swipe from off screen gesture as much as a swipe from the bottom row of pixels, which never works if the screen I'm on scrolls at all.

Typophone 4 Lock Screen Theme- I was really excited about this lock screen, and aside from the lack of a custom camera-swipe button, I liked it. Until I noticed my screen was randomly lighting up and glowing "swipe to reply". Turns out it's somehow disabling lock screen notifications.. deleted.

I wanted to try out that metro theme but I saw in another thread that it hasn't been updated for iOS 6 and it guzzles RAM.

Are any of you guys having similar experiences?