The 20 Best Free Android Phone Systems and Tablet Games of 2013

Mobile phone systems, particularly tablets and Android handsets are quite popular and the apps that are available are quite numerous as well. The free games are in plenty too, some pure junk, others are gems for game addicts. We continue with the first 10 that we have selected as the best you can download to phone systems.

10. Gem Miner

The simple description of your role is that you are a mole digging things from the ground. The bigger picture is that you can micro-manage the materials you unearth, get better tools, digging power, maps and looks great.

9. Replica Island

Is a platform game that’s quite polished in which you can whizz through levels quite easily, jump, collect, bottom-bounce and other perform other platform stunts. On a trackball on Android it’s very playable.

8. ConnecToo

You have to join colored squares puzzles. That is, you need to link the blue to other blue and red to similar red. The game would cost you before, but now it’s an ad-supported game, so its free.

7. Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio got the rights and now blends Star Wars and the Angry Birds mechanics. Players use the weaponry of Star Wars to bring down scenery with the typical destructive physics characteristic of Angry Birds.

6. Frozen Bubble

The concept around this game has been copied over and over. You have to fire gems and make groups of colored clusters of the same color. Am sure you can do this one.

5. Drop

Its sort of a tech demo showing how accurate your accelerometer is. You tilt the phone while trying to make the bouncy ball fall in between gaps found in the platform.

4. Red Stone

Its one of those games that involves shuffling squares; this is a good one and a hard one too. You have a king square and pawn squares. The kings bigger and you have to shuffle them so that the king gets through an exit that’s at the top of the screen.

3. Newton

It’s a physics/math challenge in which you have to shoot at targets with traps, mirrors, benders, pullers and pushers working against you. More levels are being added, but it’s still free for now.

2. Bebbled

Gems and shuffling. The gems have to be dropped on each other to make groups of similar colors. The scenes change and score combos you will need rotate your phone system so that the field is upright. It becomes quite complex as you play.

At #1…

1. Angry Birds

It’s very popular from iOS and now Android, netting more than 2 million downloads on the first weekend it was available. Rovio, the maker, has made it free with ads stuck on it. This is a professional, challenging and polished physics puzzler.

You can get it on Google play. So enjoy your tablet or Android phone system free games.