iPhone 6 + iOS 7 Features and What Do You Want To See?

The rumours are already starting to grow stronger each day and June/July is not far off... a typical Apple release period. Many believe we will see a 5s and others an iPhone 6. Doing some research I came across a pretty funny parody for the new iPhone 6 and iOS 7 on Youtube which included features like autotune and voice changer as well as an Australian GPS voice (so funny!).

Epic Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 Commercial Leaked!!! (Parody) (via EpicTutorialsDotCom)

But this got me thinking... what could Apple implement to really make an incredible device and are they capable of offering the 'wow factor' achieved by the original iPhone??? Since then we have seen incremental updates that add new useful features but they don't really amaze (at least me anyway).

My question is: What features/upgrades would really amaze or at least inspire you like the original did? My list would be:

1. Quick access to system settings from a pull down menu like Android have had for ages.

2. A 12 megapixel camera. Apple are always playing catch up and it's time they pulled ahead of the competition.

3. Autotune and voice changing features :-p they just look like so much fun in that parody. I hope Apple are watching.

4. A 128gb model. Seriously a must have for iPhone photographers and filmmakers.

5. Wireless charging! Sick of cables.

6. The best battery performance of any phone period. Charging every day gets tiresome.

7. A bigger screen! Yes I have used an S3 and can see the benefits.

8. NFC for easy photo sharing.

9. The ability to display touches. This would make it much easier for demonstration/tutorial purposes.

So what do you want to see? :-D