IE10 - finally a good effort

With the launch of Windows 8 came a new version of Internet Explorer, the browser everyone loves to ridicule. IE9 was a much needed boost, but still wasn't able to stand up to the likes of Chrome or Firefox in my opinion. But, then came IE10.

I've used both the desktop and metro versions of IE10 and can easily say it's the best browsing experience currently available on Windows, at least from what I've seen. My main use is on a Windows 7 machine, that I'm not going to be updating to 8 anytime soon, but running the beta of IE10 on here, it is a fantastic experience. I find it to be much better than anything else that is offered right now. I think my favourite feature has to just be the speed. It is miles faster than any other version of IE that's been and Microsoft deserve a lot of credit for that. On Windows 8/RT devices, I'd expect the experience to be the same, therefore making it my favourite tablet browser as well.

How have your experiences with IE10 been ?