Samsung chromebook is the real deal.

My laptop os of choice has always been Windows, I don't particularly like Microsoft but I can't deny Windows my love, especially windows 7, which in my opinion is the greatest peace of software ever built.

125px-windows_7_oem_badge (I want you back)

Google is my favorite tech company, I happen to be one of those poor college students, and the google model fits my life perfectly. Services in exchange for my data that shows me more relevant advertising, but that data also gives back to me in a useful way that impacts my life, ie google now.

Google-now-cards_medium(awesome sauce)

when the Chromebooks first came out, I loved the idea of owning one, thin client that lets me access the cloud, low price and requires no effort on my end.

But I was perfectly happy with windows 7 and Chromebooks had the fatal flaw of having basically no offline use.

Then came the monstrosity that Microsoft released upon the world, we know it as windows 8.

I decided to update my ealy 2011 hp laptop to windows 8, it was $40, I thought to myself, man this is a steal. Yes it looked like a clusterfuck of skittles and lucky charms but $40 I can't pass this up.

2-3 days into using windows 8, I had a thought, Microsoft released windows 8 for one reason and one reason only Microsoft wanted to sell more windows 8 phones and Windows rt tablets. Horrible plan, but who was I to judge.

Windows_208_20tips_201_20main_20pic-580-75_medium(Needs to be burned with fire)

I avoided the metro eyesore easy enough, I just lived on the desktop, I just lived in chrome. So about 2 weeks ago I made the decision to get a Chromebook; I'm this close to breaking up with Windows forever.

Chromebook Samsung series 3 positives:

Light weight , thin, boot time, no maintenance, offline docs, there are a number of apps that works offline, the UI is a cleaner better version of windows 7.

Negatives: No netflix(yet), plastic scratches easily.

So my windows laptop is collecting dust

Chromebook_20-_20general_201-580-90_medium(My new Love)

Im so close to leaving the evil empire that is Microsoft.

Well except for the XBOX, don't worry I will never leave you my xbox.