Note 10.1

Hey everyone. Hope all is well with you guys. I wanted to see if anyone out there has the Note 10.1. A lot of my art friends have it and really love it. It's one of the true Wacom like portable tablet experiences with sketchbook pro. I'm very interested in getting it, but i found out that the Galaxy tab 10.1 actually also has the Wacom technology built in and has all the same features and functions. I'm just wondering how the display is on the note 10.1 in comparison to the tab? I'm also planning on getting the note. Actually i've been dying to get the note except if you've read my other post i'm a Verizon customer and they wrecked the device with their terrible branding. I would move to another carrier, but i have another line thats on my main line locked into contract still. Anyway would love to hear from you guys.