It's time for real pen input in iPad.

Apple lovers, artists! It's time. We have to let apple know we want this feature in iPad. A very well known artist friend of mine who's one of the top illustrators showed me what he can do on the Note 2 and the Note 10.1. It's like having an actual mobile Cintiq with Wacoms technology built right in. It works like a charm and it's what many of us graphic artists have been dreaming of. Yet apple the company that ushered in the tablet , and the brand know for mixing technology with the arts has done absolutely nothing for the visual artist. Apple still expects us to actually draw with our fingers! They won't even acknowledge it. Don't give me the line of bull shit oh apple has pressure sensitive stylus. No the 10 on one Bluetooth wonky thing is not a real stylus. It has a rubber rounded tip, you can't place your hand on the screen and draw, and it's just not good. These other devices are the real thing.

Apple user have to make it known to apple that we want this. I am an apple lover. You could even call me a fan boy, but I won't hesitate to go elsewhere if they don't eventually put this in the iPad. Apple says the iPad is the future. I agree. If it is than there is no way apple can go without it. The iPad is going to become a device that eventually replaces smaller notebooks. Not pro machines like desktops. I don't think desktops will ever be replaced. To many business fields use them as a necessity. Doing any digital design and graphic work, video editing, photo stuff, the desktop machine will always be there for the professional users. Unless apple invents something better than the desktop. In other words the larger iMac like display won't ever go away. It's a more enjoyable experience to do your work on larger screens. I see the iPad becoming the all around device for when we aren't on our pro/work machines. It will be a companion to the bigger device, but you will also be able to do all the things you want on it. The iPad is so amazing, in so many ways. If they add this feature it will do everything I need it to do.