The Verge Forum playlists: Share music from your country!


I cannot live without music, I constantly listen to some sort of sound while working, studying, developing, everywhere. I also don’t have a particular music taste, I’ll listen to anything that sounds good to me from Metallica, to Pitbull, to Sting, to Dimitris Mitropanos (a greek ‘Laiko’ singer), and even Beethoven. It really depends on my mood and for someone like me, with such a wide range of genres, music discovery is very important. I’ve recently found ‘The Verge playlist’ series of articles very interesting, giving us a diverse perspective, with picks from many different people. With that in mind, I’ve decided to expand on the idea and ask from you, the quite international community of The Verge, to post playlists with songs native to your country. This is about promoting international music to everyone and also help each other discover music we may not otherwise be exposed to. The playlists can be compiled on any of the social music platforms Spotify, Rdio,, Deezer; it really doesn’t matter. Try and keep the playlists short (around one hour long). I will start the music madness with a playlist of dear, to me, Greek songs:


For the rest of you that cannot contribute a playlist, feel free to participate by recommending your favorite playlist from the comments.

Special thanks to my good friend Andreas Spyrou for his help in compiling the playlist.