Has anyone "..." on their Surface RT?

I agree, now, that the title looks a bit shifty, but no the only crude thing that's going to mentioned here are the limitations of Windows RT.

-Used a mobile broadband dongle? (O2 UK have stated they're working on software/drivers for their solution, but has anyone got any current solutions for 3G/4G connectivity via USB dongles?)

-Connected a USB Blu ray or DVD drive to:

  • Watch video files/view photo's (for example are apps able to see the content, and are codecs available, I imagine codec support is going to be a massive limitation)
  • Write to a disk
  • Copy files from a disk
Other massive oversight I think is the lack of a car charger - especially given the Pro's "average for laptop/ultrabook" battery. I know there are solutions around this, but they're not supported by MS and therefore should anything go wrong, not be covered by warranty.