So how do you get your music on to your iOS devices?

I'm currently pretty pissed off at both methods Apple offers for getting music on to an iOS device. If I do a manual transfer over USB cables, files lose artwork if bit rates get converted, my iPad keeps on giving me warnings that files simply aren't transferring over, it's hard to have all the songs I want without bumping up against the storage limits on my devices, and it will randomly change metadata I've put in if it disagrees with the metadata in the iTunes store versions.

On the other hand, iTunes Match makes the music app slow, it takes literally days to sync my Mac's iTunes library to iCloud just because there are so damned many errors, it randomly greys out certain tracks making them impossible to download, it replaces explicit music with clean versions, it doesn't support lyrics, it often uses old album art even if the art for a track has been changed on my Mac and then synced, it can't convert bit rates, and it has a host of old purchases I no longer want that won't leave iTunes Match no matter how many times I delete them.

Both tactics have a few benefits, but managing music on iOS devices at this point pretty much completely sucks balls in the bad way if you want any level of detail control. So which option do you guys use, and why?