Bringing Apple Back : Finishing out iOS

iOS is a fantastic OS. It's core is very solid. The technologies behind it allow for amazing apps such as Pages, GarageBand, countless games, etc. There are only a few finishing touches that Apple needs to make to finish out iOS.

1: Common File System. iOS needs a home folder. It can be smart...Hide folders that contain only files that the app can't open. Sync it over iCloud. Give 5GB free for this home folder. You're Apple, you can afford it. Give the option to upgrade to more. The next version of OSX should also sync this folder by default and should eventually replace your home folder.

2: Finally get rid of iTunes syncing. There should be an iTunes Match basic which give you 5,000 songs free. Get rid of the App Store in iTunes. Have an app library where users can archive apps, but you should just be able to drag data onto and off of the device. Copy protection should still apply. Possibly you should allow users to side-load unauthorized apps, only explicitly through the iTunes library (No PC/Mac, only App Store apps for you). Give a kill switch so you can take out these unauthorized apps remotely. Just like you did in Gatekeeper for the Mac, but a little more restrictive.

3: Notification Center Widgets and Lock Screen Widgets. API for creating these widgets and tools in Xcode. Built in widget for wifi, airplane mode and Bluetooth.

4: Home Screen icons that can update every 15 min for live info such as weather, etc. To save on battery, widgets and icons only update when an outgoing or incoming data connection would happen anyway (Text Message, etc). Icons and widgets only download new graphics on wifi or active phone use. System Settings to adjust these new UI Elements update themselves.

5: Directional Pad or gestures for better text input control (Deprecate the magnifying glass).

6: Multi-Tasking gestures that require less than 4 Fingers.

7: Remove the Stock, Weather Apps. Integrate these into notification center and the lock screen. Make them available as a download from the App Store.

8: Create a routing API for Browsers and Email like you did for Navigation Apps. Allow Safari and Mail apps to be replaced as default.

9: Open-source FaceTime like you promised and while you're at it, iMessage. Give a little bit back and make these fantastic products an industry standard.