Surface is not as hard to use on the lap as The Verge is making it out to be.

You know when Josh first reviewed the Surface and dinged it for "hard to use on lap" the first thing I did was sit with the Surface; and let me tell you I don't know what the hell Josh was talking about. Anybody that has used the tablet will tell you it's not as inconvenient as they are making it out to be.

As for the comment section of the Surface Pro's review: Many commentators probably never actually tried to use the device on their lap and are Apple fans nitpicking on the one thing that makes sense to them in their heads.

The point is:

Go and actually use the device guys. Don't just take The Verge's word for it.

Here's a time lapse video of a guy with the Surface on his lap for HOURS while he sits on a damn balance ball.