My Love for the Galaxy Nexus is Fading

I love my Galaxy Nexus, I truly do, but the more coverage I see of all the latest sleek, sexy and LTE fast, Android devices on the market, the more I feel like divorcing it and marrying a new model.

I guess, my hesitation comes down to if I should wait for Google to finally put out an LTE Nexus device I can use on AT&T or should I bite the bullet and get an LTE device that is already available?

If I decide to bite the bullet what should I get? Honestly, the form factor of the Galaxy Nexus is perfect to me, not too big, not too small. I find the Galaxy S 3 just a tad to big...and I don't know if I want to deal with HTC Sense, or getting back into the Cyanogen flashing game like I did on my Nexus S...

Fellow Verge readers, I need help, should I file for divorce or try to make it work?


Thoroughly Confused