Don't discount Surface's "X" factor

All gadgets have compromises, as the editor from Winsupersite puts it - choice - is a much better word that we should use when describing the products we put our hard earned cash in.

I have always used products from all ecosystems because they each have their strength and weakness. More and more I realized there are some products that I just WANT to use. Despite their short-comings, I am willing to change my behaviour to adapt to the device because of the choice I made. Simply put, there are some devices that are easy to fall in love with.

My first "current generation" smartphone experience was with HTC Hero. It was a huge step up from my windows mobile days. But I was always looking for for the next "functionally" better device. I had all kinds of excuses for why iPhone was not for me, until I got the iPhone 4 as a gift. I instantly fell in love with it. Not because it did everything a smartphone can do - it didn't, but because it did some little things incredibly well, all in a well designed package.

I think the Surface is one of those rare products that people are willing to change themselves for - like getting a monitor for productivity that used happen on a laptop, and always using it on a table.

Surface is undeniably a beautiful device - from casing to keyboard to screen. It's revolutionary, and not in a gimmicky way like so many other windows OEMs. Its accessories are a joy to use. And the built in kick-stand is one of those "little things" that's a cherry on top. For all these reasons I think the current generation Surface will find itself a niche market, those who are willing to put up with the choice will simply love this device. Unfortunately that's not me in this case. I have my eyes on the Lenovo Yoga as another beautiful elegant device to go in conjunction with an iPad mini.

Best of luck Surface!