Help me listen to my music library anywhere without "matching."

Hello readers.

My request is simple. I've got an iTunes Library of all Apple Lossless tracks that I want to be able to stream from anywhere. I don't want to get involved with iTunes Match, Google Music, or Amazon since they all employ scan & match now. If there were a way to force upload everything, I'd be fine with it — but there isn't. Some of these albums are unique CD pressings (yes, such things exist: you haven't heard Thriller until you've heard the original Japanese CD release), vinyl rips, etc. and I don't want them getting overwritten with whatever's on Apple's servers. Until now I'd been using Audiogalaxy, but then Dropbox came along and ruined that solution.

So what's a guy to do? Buy a NAS? Use apps like Subsonic? Any and all suggestions are welcome. Oh, and I'd like to be able to listen across both iOS and Android hardware.