Anyone know what the deal is with the Z10 and Blackberry data plans


I had been waiting for ages, for the new Z10, before getting a new work phone. We use iPhones and blackberry for travel, due to the BB data plans..

Here is my problem. We are currently with O2 in the UK and that gives unlimited data (Web browsing and E-mail) when roaming internationally, for a fixed monthly bolt on fee. It saves us a fortune on the normal data style contracts in the UK, where they gouge the end user, and cap the data to stupid levels. It basically means when we travel, iPhones go to no data, and the BB becomes the main use phone for e-mail.

I finally thought, the Z10 would actually be the only phone I need to travel with, and if it were good, would replace the iPhone

So imagine my surprise when our supplier tells me. Ahh, the new Z10 cannot be used on the BB bolt on plans. Turns out that was not quite true, it can, but will not roam, so not much use, as main reason is international travel

There seems to be immense confusion over how the Z10 sits with existing data contracts

Does anyone know

1.) Can the Z10 connect to BES and use existing style contracts

2.) If it can, is anyone else hearing this nonsense from O2 in the UK. That your previous data contracts are all bets off, and the massive advantage BB had, has now flown out the window?