Sexual misconduct brings down MP-led social network Menshn


Menshn, the social network co-founded last year by ex-Tory MP Louise Mensch, is shutting down. Mensch's business partner Luke Bozier announced the closure today via his blog, adding that he can "no longer maintain a working relationship" with Mensch. The social network was founded in February 2012 around the idea that it could grow to become a "Twitter for topics," but never really gained enough momentum to rival the other big players in the social media sphere. News of the closure doesn’t come as a huge surprise, though, as Mr. Bozier was arrested last December over sex allegations. It was widely reported that Mensch wanted to distance herself from the negative publicity that surrounded the case.

In his blog post, Bozier blames his partner for the demise of the business relationship. He insinuates that it was Louise Mensch that decided to end things, despite his claimed innocence. Menshn will cease operations soon, but apparently the site will keep running "until everyone has a chance to exchange contact information."

Source: Luke Bozier