My Droid DNA, Android 4.2, Sense 5.0, and some rumblings and grumblings about the phone

My basic Googling skills have rendered me with zero results when asking: When is my DNA going to get Android 4.2, when am I getting Sense 5.0, and why hasn't this thing baked me cake yet? I keep reading about the new HTC M7 that apparently may make its way to Verizon but I can't find anything out that says that my phone isn't going to get left in the dark like many other phones on Verizon's network have suffered.

Would anyone with decently credible sources be able to help me out here?

Also, I happened to see the update about the DNA spotted running Sense 5.0 back at the end of January. With those widgets (they look like something you'd see running on beautiful widgets) I would be incredibly happy as I actually do not mind sense over stock Android (that is what Nova Launcher is for.)

Also, for anyone that doesn't have the Droid DNA....I am definitely more of a fan of the size of the HTC One X+ body size. I have pretty much given up typing anything in landscape as it is awkward and uncomfortable to reach across the phone for everything. This has lead me to typing in portrait, and it is both frustrating and annoying that this is now the only way I can type a text message or e-mail. Safe to say that this will be my only 5" phone.

The software is also quite buggy, even when running a skin. Back when I first got it, I rooted it and flashed a ROM on it immediately because of the bugs, and it seems like it just keeps following me no matter what I do. It's usually when I'm typing something, it appears as if the contrast is blinking like a strobe light with random colors over where I should be typing.

So because I am on a family plan (which I pay for) I think I am going to use my upgrade to the M7 (codenamed) and give my DNA to my fiance. What do you think?