Middle of the road about Surface Pro? Here's what you can do about it...

If you are anything like me when it comes to the Surface Pro, then you may feel something like this.

I was excited for the Surface Pro, but not that excited. In concept, I love the idea, but the shorter battery life and the very heavy weight have me a little bummed about it. And most the reviews said it felt pretty heavy as a tablet. The i5 IVY bridge processor is fast, but its just not the processor you want really in a tablet right now. This of course being due to heat, fan noise, and battery drain. So what do we do? We know there will most likely be a Surface Pro/RT 2 in 6 months to a year, but we are Verge readers and we want shiny new toys right now. My best advice?

Clovertrail to hold you over until the Surface Pro of your dreams comes out. I recommend:

Acer w510. (I've been using since Xmas and really love) $499 for 32GB $599 for 64. +$100 for keyboard dock which adds a USB port and additional battery life.

The new under the radar Asus Vivo Smart $499 which is similar to the transformer infinity but with full windows 8 and clovertrail. This one doesn't come with a keyboard option I do t think.

Or if you want to spend money, the HP Envy X2. $849, comes with detachable keyboard in a MacBook air like formfactor. 11.6" screen.

The reason I recommend these, is because it can be frustrating to replace a $1000 Surface pro 6-12 months from now with the second iteration, but replacing a $500 tablet isn't so bad. Also, clovertrail provides amazing battery life, full windows 8, and really good performance. Even the desktop performes well considering. PhotoShop is usable. I can even play StarCraft 2 on low settings with about 10-15 FPS. So if the Surface Pro is just shy of what you want in a super tablet, use clovertrail until Haswell or Baytrail come out. Its really a surprisingly good experience.