'Chromebook Pixel' is a touchscreen laptop designed by Google, has 2560 x 1700 resolution

Developer François Beaufort (the same guy that leaked the notification center for Chrome OS) today leaked a video that shows the Chromebook Pixel, codenamed Link, that is being internally tested at Google. The device has a 2560 x 1700 touchscreen, which would put it on the same level as the MacBook Pro with retina display. The video was uploaded to YouTube, but was taken down after apparently violating the Terms of Service for the site, and says that the laptop was 'designed by Google...down to the last pixel'.

Rumors about a touchscreen laptop designed by Google have been swirling for a while; in November rumors about a 12.85" Chromebook from Google surfaced, and the device would sport a touchscreen manufactured by Compal, meaning it would take Apple head-on in the hardware space.

In other news, Beaufort found the icon that was originally rumored to be the icon for Google's supposed unified messaging solution is just an icon for an app to enable Google to test notifications on Chrome OS.

A mirror for the video is available at DailyMotion.