Messenger Camera/Laptop bag for under £150 ($235)

Hey guys, thought I would turn to you all to ask a question regarding camera bags. I am looking for something to replace my trustworthy (but uncomfortable) LowePro Event Messenger 250, and looking to spend no more than £150 ($235) on a good all-purpose camera/messenger style bag. To help, the kit I normally carry around consists of:

  • Canon 650D (18-55mm, 55-250mm, 50mm)
  • Nikon ME-1 Mic
  • Spare batteries/SD cards
  • Canon SpeedLite 320 EX
  • 13" Mid 2012 MacBook Pro
  • Moleskine Notebook & Pen
Just wondered if you guys could give me some recommendations, just as long as its comfortable I'll be happy.