Worth going from an 8S to an 8X?

I've had the 8S for a few months now, and it's been roughly in line with my expectations for a mid-range affordable Windows Phone handset. Coming from the HTC Titan, Lumia 800 and HTC Mozart, the device wasn't really different besides design and minor OS changes. But, I'm thinking of going for a more higher range WP8 device.

The cost for the upgrade will be £120, and I will also no longer have the 8S and the two cases and 32GB microSD I brought for it.

The Pros of the 8S:

  • BATTERY LIFE: I'm stunned to the point where I'm actually taking screen shots of how much battery life I am getting. Typically, I get around 30 hours from my handset during moderate use, and around 25-27 during heavy use.
  • Design: I really like the feel and weight of this handset over any of my previous devices (although on this device, the soft coating is literally starting to rub off, as I've documented on WPCentral).

The Cons of the 8S:

  • MicroSD music playback: For some reason playback from my high specification card is appalling, skipping tracks takes a long time, Xbox Music stalls and falters.

Anyhow, would you think it'd be worth an upgrade from the 8S to the 8X? (And why).